What We Do

We'll take your raw audio files, process and edit them into an episode, then send them back to you completely finished and ready to publish. Depending on the package you choose, we can provide show notes and even upload and post your episode, complete with show graphics.
Every show is different, but we follow the same five basic steps for each episode. We start with verifying all the files to check for missing items or other issues. We then edit the show, tagging quotes and promised resources. We then create the notes, upload the files and schedule the post, and then send a recap email.

01: Review notes and verify files

Every podcaster and every show are different. So, what we first review our notes. Some host like to leave us a message telling us if there were any potential editing issues, or of the episode went long and what we can cut. We also check to make sure we have all the necessary audio files, metadata, and graphics. Better to check now than rush later!

01_ Front-v1

02: Edit audio and add metadata

This edit will bring out the best in you and the people you interview – we can make a good interview a great one. We’ll remove distractions and tangents so you can deliver the most concise, powerful message to your listeners. If you’re serious about your podcast, you're in the right place.

03: Create show notes and graphics

When we do our edit, we flag any great quotes (these can be great for social media graphics) as well as track anything that is referenced in the episodes. Have you ever worried that you mentioned something in the show but forgot to include it in the notes? We've got you covered. We'll custom develop show notes for your podcast and then make sure they're not missing any content. There's nothing worse than not fulfilling a promise to your listeners!


04: Create scheduled post on your website

We upload the audio file to your host, then create the podcast on your website. We always preview the post to check the audio feed and make sure all the resource links are functional. We'll save as a draft and schedule it to post for your show's air time.

05: Send recap email

After finishing each episode, we send a weekly recap email with anything the host needs to follow up on (for instance, if they mentioned a resource but we couldn't find it). We also tell the host what worked well during the episode and also what went wrong. Many of our podcasters find this email invaluable because it helps them constantly improve their show.


Bonni and I know that both our podcasts are better today than they were a year ago because of Andrew’s skills in listening and in editing.

Dave Stachowiak

Coaching for Leaders


You are a master, Andrew. So appreciate your gifts. This is not an easy thing to do. Thank you both for the time you put in as well as the wisdom you used in determining how the stories could have the most impact.

Bonni Stachowiak

Teaching in Higher Ed


I feel really good about Andrew’s edits … it is way better now.

Greg Haugh

Fully Human


I was amazed by how well everything flowed. It turned out great!

Jim Stout

Rebuilding Your Life