Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to send you my files?

We generally like files at least a week before the episode airs. Why? It gives us enough time to edit the episode and communicate with you if something needs to be fixed.

How do I upload files?

We use Dropbox. It’s quick, easy, and super reliable. Don’t worry, we’ll get you all set up.

I’ve had an emergency and I can't get my files uploaded in time. What should I do?

Communicate with us! If there is an emergency and you let us know right away, we can flex our production schedule. If we don't get a heads up, we'll have to charge a rush fee, and nobody likes that!

What will I need to send you for each episode?

  1. the raw, unedited audio files
  2. your editing remarks (anything specific we should be aware of when editing the episode)
  3. the episode's metadata (title, release date, guest name, cover image, etc.).

Why should I bother with show notes?

Many podcast fans listen to shows while driving or exercising so they don’t always have a way to take notes. If you post show notes for each episode, your listeners can relax in the knowledge that if they missed any information, they’ll be able to easily find it later. Plus, if you post the notes on you’re podcast’s website (you have one, right?), you’ll be consistently creating new SEO-friendly content for little extra effort. Google will be happy.

What should I put in my show notes?

You can include anything. Popular things include guest names, key points, charts and graphics, any links or resources mentioned in the episode, quotable quotes, and the show’s transcript. If you’re not sure about what to include, we’d be glad to help you design your notes.

I need help with something that's not mentioned on your services page. Can you do it?

Probably, just ask! And if we can't, there's a good chance we'll know somebody who can.

What genre of podcasts do you work on?

We do all kinds. We've edited everything from business podcasts to video game shows, and almost everything in between.

I need help finding good music for my intro and outro. Do you do that?

You bet. We can help you find music appropriate for your show, and even help you create other introductory content for each show.

I have pre-recorded ads for my show, can you add them?

Yes, as long as you leave a buffer space for us, we can stick them right in.

Can you help set up a podcast feed and hosting?

Sure, we can help you figure out what feed service and hosting best fits your needs and then get you all set up.

I know you’re really good at editing things out (and I trust you), but what if there is something that can’t be cut out?

Don’t worry, we can tell when something is too important (or too funny!) to cut out. So you probably don’t need to worry. But if there is something critical, just jot us a message in the show notes and we’ll get on board.